Our services

Research, innovation and a perceptive ear to the needs mentioned by clients guide our highly skilled staff to offer services ranging from the purchase of yarn to the production of creations, after consulting our historical archive. We listen to the requirements of companies and fashion houses, complying with the demands and working along with them to perfect custom-made solutions. These services are unquestionably the special features that characterise PuntoArt because the sharing, supporting and consulting services offered define the conditions for product development and innovative ideas.

Research and Design Department

Identify trends, perceive early signs of future tendencies, concretise rumours and inspirations in a wide range of innovative themes, colours and embroidery. Our Design Department projects ideas onto materials. The design that takes shape on paper and computer screens is converted into a prototype.

PuntoArt's R&D Department closely follows specialised crucial appointments and events to promptly respond to market demands and to the requirements of fashion houses.

Our models

PuntoArt's pattern makers give shape to concepts and suggestions, entirely developing or modifying the most diverse models and clothing. Following the entire production line from inside the company means distinguishing ourselves from the many companies that outsource a major part of processes, thus impoverishing product quality.

PuntoArt, instead, closely follows the production and development of embroidery and trimmings, and carries out continuous quality checks.

Purchasing yarn

To ensure that we possess the very best raw materials, we personally purchase and stock up yarns that meet the quality and aesthetic requirements of our creations. Natural, synthetic, simple or doubled, combed or with smooth round fibres, yarns offer several processing options and finishes. It is essential to know the textile fibre in order to explore and experiment with new techniques that yield highly inventive and original collections.
Strengthened by a consolidated experience and knowledge, PuntoArt daily invests in research to define new techniques and expressive potential.

Producing our creations

Long-standing experience has made PuntoArt a creative lab specialised in fully embroidered or decorated creations and clothing, the result of ultimate processing techniques, such as bonding, or thermowelding bond-in,  needle punch felting, laser, the application of sequins, macramé.
Highly versatile skills and a perceptive approach to the requests of the textile and fashion sectors allow us to adjust to the times and seasons, offering solutions that are always unique and extremely sophisticated.
Customisation options are extensive because embroidery does not limit free creative flair. Forms, designs and prints merge with yarn, while material fusions and grafts encourage the creative spirit and its every possible manifestation.

Consulting the collections archive

Our Archives Department is not only a place to relax and follow a historical tour amidst collections, materials, sketches and embroidery that have marked the many decades and seasons of fashion, but it is also an ambitious digital project that we are implementing in partnership with the University of Bologna.
Our online corporate archive, which is currently at the initial stage, will collect information and contents on our productions and collections.
A free consultation catalogue studied to relate a piece of Italian textile history.