Code of Ethics


PUNTOART SRL is aware that the prestige of a company is recognisable not only from the expertise of its collaborators and from the high quality of the service provided to customers, but also from the attention paid to the needs of the entire community.

This Code of Ethics represents a distinctive and identifying element towards the market and third parties, the knowledge and sharing of which, required to all those who work in the Company or cooperate with it, constitute the foundation of our activity and the first step towards the pursuit of our vision.

PUNTOART SRL’s goal is thus to pursue excellence in the market it operates in, through a Sustainable Development, safeguarding the Environment and the Safety of the people involved through a consistent behaviour that respects Social Ethics, obtaining satisfaction and ensuring added value for its Employees, Customers and for the Community in general.

Purpose and recipients

This Code is binding for the directors, the employees, the suppliers, the consultants and for all of those who work and collaborate, on a permanent or temporary basis, on behalf of the Company. 

 The Code will be widely distributed within the internal governance structure, as well as externally, including through its own website.

Download the Code of Ethics