Spring-Summer 2019 Collections: Between Influencers and Must-Have Garments

Spring-Summer 2019 Collections: Between Influencers and Must-Have Garments

The month hosting the most awaited fashion week of the year has just ended, so we can now begin to make the first balance of what we will see wearing in the coming seasons. Inspirations don't come only from the catwalks: influencers, events and looks taken from the "streets" now mark the trends in progress. Professionals in the sector, and not only, have committed themselves to show off extravagant looks and impeccable outfits, capturing the attention of photographers and followers.

Contemporary Fashion Week: The New Era

In fashion, everything no longer revolves around the catwalks, as this world has become increasingly articulated and characterized by totally new dynamics, the result of the so-called "digital revolution". Overcoming the initial scepticism of luxury brands, it now seems impossible to neglect the presence of fashion influencers in their shows to ensure adequate visibility on social networks, above all Instagram.

The occasion for the presentation of the spring-summer 2019 collections was certainly not an exception, and international fashion bloggers and influencers did not miss a single event, wearing outfits and accessories from the hosting maison.

Chiara Ferragni, the indisputable queen of the web, but also a fashion icon with millions of followers, flew to New York to follow all the most important shows and events on the calendar. Her looks are different and versatile, she is certainly an ambassador of streetstyle fashion, often wearing sneakers and informal clothes, but in the blink of an eye, she shows off elegant and high fashion garments. Her secret is therefore versatility and the ability to mix sportswear such as a sporty cap with an embroidered detail that makes it unique, to more romantic and feminine creations.

The Phenomenon of Fashion Bloggers

Taking a small step back to the phenomenon of fashion bloggers, we have to go back a few years when some girls dressing designer clothes (and not only) investing in extravagant looks, trends, and accessories, began to publish their photos on so-called blogs and websites. 

From there to the next step was a quick transition, thanks to the role represented by social media. In fact, while technologies offered new tools to photograph and share, fashion bloggers dedicated themselves to this activity more and more assiduously turning it into a real profession. At this point, fashion companies began to take over and, not without criticism, began to pay the so-called influencers to wear their creations and give visibility to the brands. 



Influencers at the Spring Summer 2019 Versace Fashion Show


Criticism, accusations and opposing schools of thought were not lacking: experts in the field claim that this phenomenon affects the level that fashion and fashion communication have always ardently defended. On the other hand, companies rely on the visibility and ability to reach a much wider (and democratic) audience that social media have, now defined as unparalleled, since the most popular influencers have tens of millions of followers. 

Spring Summer 2019 Collections: a Look at the Must-Have Garments

Analysing the looks just unveiled on the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris, new trends and the must-have garments for the coming seasons emerge. Also in this edition, the philosophy of comfort remains the master but there seems to be a new way, especially towards the lightness given by the colour and shapes. 

The lines are certainly soft, the volumes wide and the garments practical, but with an extra touch of femininity. The cyclicality that has always characterized fashion fully emerges through the come back of iconic garments, such as trench coats, so loved and posted by fashion bloggers, both in the classic and avant-garde versions. 



 Emporio Armani - Spring Summer 2019


Then there are the mini dresses, embroidered or covered with cascades of sequins or precious applications. Precious and shiny embroideries, combined with metallic-effect materials and futuristic fabrics were also the leitmotif of the Milanese fashion show at Emporio Armani, which also distinguished itself for the scenographic choice of location (the hangar at Linate airport).



Sfilata Christian Dior - Spring Summer 2019


Finally, in view of the contamination of the past in current fashion the plissé was inserted, appreciated and presented by several brands with very different DNA. The one that stands out the most is certainly Christian Dior who has reinterpreted it divinely, mixing it with strong materials such as leather, without forgetting the most romantic and feminine side given by the embroidery lace effect.


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