The Creative Process in Fashion:  Vintage Inspirations and Modern Creations

The Creative Process in Fashion: Vintage Inspirations and Modern Creations

Professionals in the sector are often inspired by past fashions, trends that cyclically come back into vogue. Creativity, therefore, lies in the ability to reinterpret silhouettes or styles of past eras, updating them to current trends. The search for past garments and creations becomes essential, because it is thanks to them that the creative process of the greatest teams of high fashion designers originates.

Vintage and Contemporary Fashion 

If we analyse the term “vintage”, we go back to its origins, which casts its roots in ancient French. More precisely the term comes from the word vendenge, which in turn comes from Latin vindimia, a term used to characterize vintage wines of value. Usually these objects, dating about ten to twenty years earlier, have marked history leaving indelible traces in the memory of costume.
Vintage is therefore not a fashion, but rather a set of trends, clothes and creations that in their time have left their mark and that cyclically reappear on the contemporary scene.



Detail of a Vintage item Puntoart Archive


Hence the need to preserve the most precious and significant garments, and create a sort of historical memory, first of all with the aim of preserving, then handing down unique techniques and processes, which can be studied and reinterpreted through modern technologies. Therefore, it can be said that the need to create a container for the fashion creations of the past serves as a source of inspiration for the future.

Today's fashion is increasingly inspired by vintage garments, reinterpreting them in a contemporary key and experimenting with new versions of what have been clothes or garments that have already marked the history of costume and fashion by parading on international catwalks. The creative process therefore, sees in the search for vintage garments and in the consultation of fashion archives a fundamental step to give light to new creations that are new, but share their roots with what has already been.

Vintage Worship Places and Events 

If vintage today is understood as a new approach towards the past, looking to the future reinterpreting graphics, shapes, materials, but also embroidery and workmanship, the places of storage and consultation of these acquire an increasingly predominant aspect.
In particular, today's trend sees the so-called flea market as one of the favourite destinations of the fashion house's cool hunters, who explore these markets in search of iconic clothes and accessories. To name but one, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, every second Sunday of the month welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world, each in search of their own eldorado.



Rose Bowl Flea Market – photo credit 


In Italy, however, there are several initiatives of international resonance focused on the cult of vintage, ranging from design to gifts and clothing. As confirmation of the interest aroused by this cult, Pitti Filati dedicates a spin off to each edition, the Vintage Selection, entirely aimed at audiences who love vintage culture. It is a salon-event where an "[…] endless archive is made available, from which designers draw creative suggestions". (





The Puntoart Archive


Puntoart is aware of the importance of conserving and preserving its creations and processes imbued with savoir faire that only the wise hands of Italian craftsmen can create. Therefore, it has dedicated an ad hoc space for the storage of what have been the processes and garments from the birth of the company to the present day.

Puntoart Archive

Puntoart's archive becomes a temple for the collection of unique and precious garments, expertly catalogued, and accessible for consultation by our customers. This is a great source of inspiration for those working in the sector, who can in fact explore and do research among the achievements of exclusive haute couture garments, to be used as starting points for the launch of new fully customized projects.


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