Thermowelding and the World Of Footwear: a Combination to Be Explored

Thermowelding and the World Of Footwear: a Combination to Be Explored

Among the most modern embroidery techniques, thermowelding captures the attention in terms of avant-garde proposals and the possibility of ranging between materials and graphics. This technique originates from American sportswear, but has found wide use in the world of contemporary haute couture decoration.

Brief Hints About The Technique

This technique is based on a double process in which the garment is first passed through the hot press and then cold pressed to cool the adhesive and fix the application. Regarding the materials which can be used, one can range from fabric to denim or leather, which can be heat-welded or serve as a base for plastic materials such as foils. Moreover, the heat-sealing can be enriched through the application of studs and rhinestones, as well as laser processing applications, which create custom geometries and graphics customized for each client. From this point of view, Puntoart can provide its know-how to better create projects for its customers, always working with the aim of offering the highest level of proposals.

Thermowelding and Fashion Trends

In the footwear sector, where the innovative use of materials currently reigns supreme among fashion shows and international trade fairs, this production technique is particularly appreciated and arouses interest both in the most famous brands' style offices and in customers. In fact, as already seen on the last catwalks, the next collections will be inspired by the innovative use of materials, colours and shapes. In particular, the trends of the spring-summer 2018 collections see the boot as the undisputed protagonist of the season. The key word is fashion boots, with rigorously strong and original proposals. All the most important Italian and foreign designers have presented their interpretation of the trend, but it is undisputable that the pioneer was Balenciaga, who with his cuissard knife boot, which has now become iconic, opened the market to this item.


stivale balenciaga

The iconic Cuissard Knife boot by Balenciaga - photo credits


Focus: Taping for Footwear

It is precisely in the wake of the trends which have just been presented that the technique of thermowelding can be considered under another aspect. As initially discussed, thermowelding lends itself to innovative decorative effects, however, its more technical use, such as welding seams using a taping machine, should not be neglected.


nastratrice termosaldatura per calzatura

Working with a Puntoart's taping machine 


In fact, the so-called "taping", that is the assembly of two materials by means of a sheet of adhesive pressed alternately hot and cold, is perfectly suited to the current need for the creation of the so called cuissard boots. Puntoart has the necessary machinery and skills to carry out this working process, making itself available to use the taping machine not only in the field of decoration, but also in the finishing, thus responding not only to the creative needs of its customers, but also to the most functional ones.


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