New furnishing and home decor trends

New furnishing and home decor trends

How will the 2018 house be? The keywords are: homely, chic, colourful, retro, green and vintage!
Let's look at the most popular interior design trends.

The 2018 house is warm and welcoming, designed to entertain and tell something about ourselves.
White walls are banned, while wall art, hand lettering and photo collections of memories and travel photos are welcome.

The wabi-sabi taste triumphs in the home decor, a Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection. Therefore, it is wide-ranging from hand-made objects, canvases, fabrics, terracotta and embroideries, which can give the atmosphere a natural and highly personal touch.

We will rediscover embroidery also in the S/S 2018 fashion collection: floral prints, embroidered trench coats, ethnic-style bags and flat clutches decorated with embroidery and trimmings.

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The favourite style for furniture? Industrial Chic!
A minimal and refined design, that uses materials such as matt steel, concrete, iron, dark metals, often combined with rough or aged wood.

The Retro Style continues to dominate the design scene.
In this case, one can opt for brass, prime material for sinks, lamps and furnishing accessories.

As for the colour, this year's is Ultra Violet!
“Intense and profound declination, also in meaning” explains the vice President of the Pantone Institute, Laurie Pressman. "It is the mirror reflection of what the world needs now" and wants to "heal" the negative things that happen around.

Recommended matches with Ultra Violet: red, navy blue and their shades (from pink to light blue), white for those who choose elegance and black for dark and gothic style lovers.
Other trendy colours: red in a modern, country, baroque or Scandinavian version – mainly for accessories, sofas, armchairs - and the millennial rose, the shade of pink most loved by millennials.

The velvet upholstered furniture, sumptuous seating and bright coloured armchairs are very popular for the living area. 2018 also encourages the most eccentric shapes!
The bedroom is tinted with pastel light colours, natural materials, in Scandinavian or minimal style.

The green interiors continue to dominate, it becomes even more lush, both in the pots as well as the walls, with an explosion of wallpapers with giant floral themes.
For those who prefer geometric shapes, find a wide choice of essential forms and rigorous patterns, which distinguish tapestries, fabrics and wallpapers.

Vintage continues to guide the choice of coverings, furniture and accessories of value, mainly in the kitchen and in the bathroom, where there is a return of cement tiles and recovered old tiles...original, very sought-after and hard to find!
Wallpaper also triumphs in the bathroom, even inside the shower!

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